Program: Day Two

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Wednesday, June 23

Trainee Event (Europe)
07:00am - 07:40am (PDT)
10:00am - 10:40am (EDT) | 15:00pm - 15:40pm (GMT) | 02:00am- 02:40am (NZST + 1 day)
Opening Remarks (Day 2)
Luigi Perotti, PhD
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Central Florida
07:40am - 07:50am (PDT)
10:40am - 10:50am (EDT) | 15:40pm - 15:50pm (GMT) | 02:40am- 02:50am (NZST + 1 day)
Keynote (Moderator: Alistair Young)
07:50am - 08:30am (PDT)
10:50am - 11:30am (EDT) | 15:50pm - 16:30pm (GMT) | 02:50am- 03:30am (NZST + 1 day)

"UK Biobank's cardiovascular magnetic resonance study: from rationale, practicalities and lessons learnt to novel scientific insights"

Steffen Petersen, MD

Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, William Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary University of London

Steffen Petersen, M.D. is a Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at the William Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary University of London and a Consultant Cardiologist and Clinical Director for Research at Barts Heart Centre, Barts Health NHS Trust. He is also the Cardiovascular Programme Director for the UCL Partners Academic Medical Centre. He is a world-leader in Cardiac MRI, author of several clinical guideline papers, and the UK Biobank cardiac imaging lead. The UK Biobank study is well underway and seeks to perform 100,000 CMR exams while also collecting substantial clinical data for deep phenotyping.

Dr. Petersen's website is available here.

Oral Sessions
08:30am - 10:30am (PDT)
11:30am - 13:30pm (EDT) | 16:30pm - 18:30pm (GMT) | 03:30am- 05:30am (NZST + 1 day)

Session 3: Novel Approaches to Measuring Heart Deformation
Moderators: Fred Epstein and Ping Lu
08:30am - 09:10am (PDT)
11:30am - 12:10pm (EDT) | 16:30pm - 17:10pm (GMT) | 03:30am - 04:10am (NZST + 1 day)

CNN-based Cardiac Motion Extraction to Generate Deformable Geometric
Left Ventricle Myocardial Models From Cine MRI

Roshan Reddy Upendra, Brian Jamison Wentz, Richard Simon, Suzanne Shontz, Cristian Linte

M-SiSSR: Regional Endocardial Function Using Multilabel Simultaneous Subdivision Surface Registration

Davis Vigneault, Francisco Contijoch, Christopher Bridge, Elliot McVeigh

Investigation of the Impact of Normalization on the Study of
Interactions Between Myocardial Shape and Deformation

Maxime Di Folco, Nicolas Guigui, Patrick Clarysse, Pamela Moceri, Nicolas Duchateau

Arbitrary Point Tracking With Machine Learning to Measure Cardiac Strain in Tagged MRI

Michael Loecher, Ariel Hannum, Luigi Perotti, Daniel Ennis
09:10am - 09:20am (PDT)
12:10pm - 12:20pm (EDT) | 17:10pm - 17:20pm (GMT) | 04:10am- 04:20am (NZST + 1 day)

Session 4: Cardiac Microstructure – Measures to Models
Moderators: Andrew Scott and Bianca Freytag
09:20am - 10:00am (PDT)
12:20pm - 13:00pm (EDT) | 17:20pm - 18:00pm (GMT) | 04:20am- 05:00am (NZST + 1 day)

Spatially Constrained Deep Learning Approach for Myocardial T1 Mapping

Maria Angeles Iglesias, Oscar Camara, Marta Sitges, Gaspar Delso

Diffusion Biomarkers in Chronic Myocardial Infarction

Tanjib Rahman, Kevin Moulin, Daniel Ennis, Luigi Perotti

A Methodology for Accessing the Local Arrangement of the Sheets That Make Up the Extracellular Heart Tissue

Shunli Wang, François Varray, Feng Yuan, isabelle Magnin

A High-Fidelity 3D Micromechanical Model of Ventricular Myocardium

David Li, Emilio Mendiola, Reza Avazmohammadi, Frank Sachse, Michael Sacks
Break-out Session
10:00am - 10:30am (PDT)
13:00am - 13:30pm (EDT) | 18:00pm - 18:30pm (GMT) | 05:00am- 05:30am (NZST + 1 day)
10:30am - 10:45am (PDT)
13:30am - 13:45pm (EDT) | 18:30pm - 18:415pm (GMT) | 05:30am- 05:45am (NZST + 1 day)
Poster Session - 2
10:45am - 12:00pm (PDT)
13:45pm - 15:00pm (EDT) | 18:45pm - 20:00pm (GMT) | 05:45am- 07:00am (NZST + 1 day)

Poster Session 2A (PS2A): Novel Approaches to Measuring Heart Deformation

PS2A Group 1 10:45am - 11:20am PDT

An Image Registration Framework to Estimate 3D Myocardial Strains From Cine Cardiac MRI in Mice

Maziyar Keshavarzian, Saurabh Chavan, Elizabeth Fugate, Mohammed Arif, Diana Lindquist, Sakthivel Sadayappan, Reza Avazmohammadi

Multiscale Graph Convolutional Networks for Cardiac Motion Analysis

Ping Lu, Wenjia Bai, Daniel Rueckert, Alison Noble

Reproducibility of Left Ventricular CINE DENSE Strain in Pediatric Subjects with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Zhan-Qiu Liu, Nyasha Maforo, Pierangelo Renella, Nancy Halnon, Holden Wu, Daniel Ennis

Poster Session 2B (PS2B): Cardiac Microstructure: Measures to Models

PS2B Group 1 10:45am - 11:20am PDT

Systematic Study of Joint Influence of Angular Resolution and Noise in Cardiac Diffusion Tensor Imaging

Yunlong HE, Lihui Wang, Yang Feng, Yong Xia, Patrick CLARYSSE, Yuemin Zhu

Analysis of Location-dependent Cardiomyocyte Branching

Alexander Wilson, Greg Sands, Daniel Ennis

Quantitative Interpretation of Myocardial Fiber Structure in the Left and Right Ventricle of an
Equine Heart Using Diffusion Tensor Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Hilke Straatman, Imke van der Schoor, Martijn Froeling, Glenn van Steenkiste, Robert Holtackers, Tammo Delhaas

Poster Session 2C (PS2C) Cardiovascular Flow: Measurements and Simulations

PS2C Group 1 10:45am - 11:20am PDT

The Role of Extra-coronary Vascular Conditions That Affect Coronary Fractional Flow Reserve Estimation

Jermiah Joseph, Ting-Yim Lee, Daniel Goldman, Christopher McIntyre, Sanjay Kharche

In-silico Analysis of the Influence of Pulmonary Vein Configuration on
Left Atrial Haemodynamics and Thrombus Formation in a Large Cohort

Jordi Mill, Andy Olivares, Xabier Morales, Jordina AViles, Jerome Noailly, Xavier Iriart, Hubert Cochet, Oscar Camara

3-D Intraventricular Vector Flow Mapping Using Triplane Doppler Echo

Florian Vixège, Alain Berod, Franck Nicoud, Pierre-Yves Courand, Didier Vray, Damien Garcia

Quantitative Hemodynamics in Aortic Dissection: Comparing In-vitro MRI With FSI Simulation in a Compliant Model

Judith Zimmermann, Kathrin Bäumler, Michael Loecher, Tyler Cork, Fikunwa Kolawole, Kyle Gifford, Alison L Marsden, Dominik Fleischmann, Daniel B Ennis

Poster Session 2D (PS2D): Cardiac Mechanics: Measures and Models

PS2D Group 1 10:45am - 11:20am PDT

From Clinical Imaging to Patient-specific Computational Model:
Rapid Adaptation of the Living Heart Human Model to a Case of Aortic Stenosis

Andrew Wisneski, Salvatore Cutugno, Ashley Stroh, Salvatore Pasta, Jiang Yao, Vaikom Mahadevan, Julius Guccione

Model-assisted Time-synchronization of Cardiac MR Image and Catheter Pressure Data

Maria Gusseva, Joshua S. Greer, Daniel A. Castellanos, Mohamed Abdelghafar Hussein, Gerald Greil,
Surendranath R. Veeram Reddy, Tarique Hussain, Dominique Chapelle, Radomir Chabiniok

Effects of Fibre Orientation on Electrocardiographic and Mechanical Functions
in a Computational Human Biventricular Model

Lei Wang, Zhinuo Jenny Wang, Rubén Doste, Alfonso Santiago, Xin Zhou, Adria Quintanas, Mariano Vazquez, Blanca Rodriguez

Parameter Estimation in a Rule-based Fiber Orientation Model
From End Systolic Strains Using the Reduced Order Unscented Kalman Filter

Luca Barbarotta, Peter Bovendeerd

Modeling Patient-specific Periaortic Interactions With Static and Dynamic Structures Using a Moving Heterogeneous Elastic Foundation Boundary Condition

Johane Bracamonte, John Wilson, Joao Soares

Poster Session 2E (PS2E): Translational Cardiac Mechanics

PS2E Group 1 10:45am - 11:20am PDT

Personal-by-design: a 3D Electromechanical Model of the Heart Tailored for Personalisation

Gaetan Desrues, Delphine Feuerstein, Thierry Legay, Serge Cazeau, Maxime Sermesant

Cardiac Modeling for Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C)

Rebecca Waugh, Mohamed Abdelghafar Hussein, Jamie Weller, Tarique Hussain, Radomir Chabiniok

High-speed Simulation of the 3D Behavior of Myocardium Using a Neural Network PDE Approach

Wenbo Zhang, David Li, Tan Bui-Thanh, Michael Sacks
Special Theme Session: Cardiac Kinematics Benchmark
12:00pm - 13:30pm (PDT)
15:00pm - 16:30pm (EDT) | 20:00pm - 21:30pm (GMT) | 07:00am- 08:30am (NZST + 1 day)