FIMH 2021 - Best Oral Presentations Awards

Best oral presentations awards were selected by the FIMH Board based on three main topics: Electrophysiology, Imaging & Image Analysis, and Mechanics. (Awards are not ranked, all awardees were equally exceptional).

``Learning Atrial Fiber Orientations and Conductivity Tensors From Intracardiac Maps Using Physics-informed Neural Networks”.
Thomas Grandits, Simone Pezzuto, Francisco Sahli, Paris Perdikaris, Thomas Pock, Gernot Plank, Rolf Krause.

Imaging & Image Analysis
``Arbitrary Point Tracking With Machine Learning to Measure Cardiac Strain in Tagged MRI”.
Michael Loecher, Ariel Hannum, Luigi Perotti, Daniel Ennis.

``In Vivo Pressure-volume Loops and Chamber Stiffness Estimation Using Real-time 3D Echocardiography and Left Ventricular Catheterization – Application to Post-heart Transplant Patients’’.
Bianca Freytag, Vicky Wang, Debbie Zhao, Kathleen Gilbert, Gina Quill, Abdallah Hasaballa, Thiranja Prasad Babarenda Gamage, Rob Doughty, Malcolm Legget, Peter Ruygrok, Alistair Young, Martyn Nash.

FIMH 2021- Best Poster Presentations Awards

Best poster presentations awards were selected by the FIMH 2021 Program Committee based on LNCS paper reviews and presentations during the conference poster sessions. (Awards are not ranked, all awardees were equally exceptional).

``Simplified Electrophysiology Modeling Framework to Assess Ventricular Arrhythmia Risk in Infarcted Patients”.
Dolors Serra, Pau Romero, Miguel Lozano, Ignacio Garcia-Fernandez, Alejandro Liberos, Miguel Rodrigo, Antonio Berruezo, Alfonso Bueno-Orovio, Rafa Sebastian.

``Multiscale Graph Convolutional Networks for Cardiac Motion Analysis”.
Ping Lu, Wenjia Bai, Daniel Rueckert, Alison Noble.

``Quantitative Hemodynamics in Aortic Dissection: Comparing In-vitro MRI With FSI Simulation in a Compliant Model”.
Judith Zimmermann, Kathrin Bäumler, Michael Loecher, Tyler Cork, Fikunwa Kolawole, Kyle Gifford, Alison L Marsden, Dominik Fleischmann, Daniel B Ennis.